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Life is good and fulfilling, and joyful sex adds a lot to the beauty of it. The elation and uninhibited joy we get from sex is so strongly linked to our general wellbeing, physical health and emotional equilibrium that it would be a terrible waste to ignore it and not put it to good use.

Some 50 years ago, erectile dysfunction (or ED) was an incurable condition that could make an otherwise healthy male give up his sexual life and leave him with lasting psychological damage. But in the 21st century, men have had access for years now to the benefits of modern medicine, helping prevent and battle this unfortunate condition.

Yes, we are talking about the traditional drugs for treating ED — Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate being the active component), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil). But these drugs have scary side effects that can further undermine sexual performance and confidence.

We are greatly concerned about the health of our customers, which is why we have chosen to offer you ErectaPro — a unique ‘herbal Viagra’ with all the potency (and more!) of the original drug. It acts on the same principle without the risk of dangerous side effects (hypotension, indigestion, back pain, headache, sudden hearing loss and priapism, to name but a few!).

What is ErectaPro?

ErectaPro is a herbal alternative to medicines used to treat male impotence (inability to develop and maintain an erection or the quality needed for proper sexual intercourse). It is made up of herbs and herbal extracts of plants renowned for promoting a lasting, healthy erection and thus a better sex life.

Impotence is usually a medical condition that gets worse over time if the man fails to take care of his health and allows various external factors prevail, unless he decides to ‘get a grip’ on his health and sexual performance.

The mechanics

Technically, erectile dysfunction is caused by inadequate blood flow in the veins of the penis. It is the filling with blood that affects the size and firmness of the penis. And when it comes to intercourse, you need a fast, proper and sufficient supply of blood to your nether regions, no matter how exhausted you might be or what other conditions you might have. So that's where ErectaPro comes in.

ErectaPro: 1-2-3 steps to work effectively

Step 1: Libido boost

Half of the herbs used in the mixture are aphrodisiacs, so the capsule suggests to your body that it redistributes its energy. Instead of using the energy to combat stress and fatigue, your body knows that intercourse is somewhere close and starts getting ready. Androgen receptors in your brain are stimulated and you become sexually aroused.
So the first thing ErectaPro does is to trigger all the natural processes that arouse erections.

Step 2: Testosterone level increase

Once the libido is boosted and your body starts producing extra testosterone naturally, you get help from the herbs that increase specifically the testosterone level. Testosterone is an essential hormone that plays the key role in a man’s sex life but once it turns from the free form into the bound form it is of no use for sexual purposes. So you need as much free testosterone as possible.
The second thing ErectaPro does is to stimulate production of free testosterone in your body.

Step 3: PDE-5 inhibition and blood circulation

Now that your body is sufficiently stimulated, it's time to prepare your penis for action. The more blood delivered to it, the better, and to ensure that this happens, a natural PDE-5 inhibitor steps in. PDE-5 is a specific enzyme that regulates the blood flow to the penis and blocking of this enzyme promotes a good blood flow in the right direction. The important thing about this natural PDE-5 inhibitor is that it is specifically targeted, tackling this delicate problem without causing any side effects or adverse impact on any other processes in your body, unlike its chemical analogues. Sustainable blood circulation in your body is supported in order to provide for an unlimited blood flow to the penis
The third thing ErectaPro does is to stimulate the blood circulation in your body and destroy the enzyme blocking it from reaching the penis.

So, here is the process in a nutshell:
1. up comes libido
2. up comes the testosterone level
3. in flows the blood into the penis

ErectaPro: Why does it work?

Instead of inventing something new, we simply turned to the nature for ingredients that have been known for centuries to boost penile fitness effectively. We invested generously in ingredients that play a key role in the formulation and added them to the fullest degree, using only the most potent forms. No clay or talc or any other unhealthy additives are used to fill up the capsule.

ErectaPro is great for use just when you need it, before you actually have sexual intercourse with your partner, but better still if taken on a daily basis as a way to tone and support your system. As a result, the quality of your sexual experiences will improve and sexual activity will become more fulfilling. Another benefit of ErectaPro is that it works holistically on your system, promoting masculinity and drive without any side effects. If you take the capsules frequently, they will work wonders, making you feel better and more of a man. Mind you, if you do take the capsules on a regular basis, in a while you will be surprised to find that you no longer need them and are able to develop a lasting, healthy erection on your own.

ErectaPro: facts

ErectaPro works

To create ErectaPro, we have chosen the most effective herbs to support erectile function. Whenever possible, we used herbal extracts in their maximum concentration, not dried herbs. You won't have to chew on dried bark of tongkat ali to get the required amount of the "active ingredient"

ErectaPro works for you

ErectaPro is effective in 80% of men. Such strong performance results from the effective components and potent forms of the extracts used, making this a truly healthy and natural way to treat this medical condition.

ErectaPro works for you safely

ErectaPro consists only of certified herbs grown in ecologically safe locations around the world. Their selective action on your body ensures that only the target points will be affected, ensuring that ErectaPro has a very selective, targeted effect.

Take 1-3 pills 2 hours before sex for complete satisfaction

choose natural viagra for it's safety